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Bill Pucko - Chief Editor

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by Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times 8/10/15
The New York Giants' first-round pick out of USC in 1952, Gifford spent part of his career playing offense and defense in the same game, even though it was increasingly rare in those days for players to do so. He was a multipurpose threat who could run, catch, field kicks and punts, and even play defensive back. He made it to eight Pro Bowl games, five NFL championship games, and was selected the league's most valuable player in 1956.

by Peter King, 8/10/15
Lost in the hot air surrounding last season’s AFC title game was the fact that the Colts were embarrassed, again, by the Patriots. What did Andrew Luck and company do to get better for 2015? Plus, what to expect when ‘Hard Knocks’ debuts, Aaron Rodgers’ future plans and remembering Frank Gifford.


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Quarterback Roulette

by Bill Pucko, 8/10/15

It isn't a sideshow so much as it is the only game in town.  Never has so much been paid to so little.  We speak of the Buffalo Bills quarterback battle of course. 
In this corner we have Matt Castle, the ten year veteran the Buffalo Bills traded conditional draft picks for back in March.   When looking at Castle the reference point is always what he did in New England in 2008.  Starting quarterback Tom Brady went down with a season ending knee injury in the first game of the season.  Castle came in as an unheralded 7th round draft pick who played sparingly behind Heisman Trophy winners Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at Southern Cal, and won ten of his fifteen starts.
That performance netted the Patriots a second round draft pick when they dealt him to Kansas City.  Caste spent six mostly uneventful seasons with the Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings before coming to Buffalo.
Castle has been impressive enough to rate a place on a short list of veteran players most at risk of being cut this summer.
Two years ago the Bills tried to sell the fan base on the idea that E.J. Manuel was their next franchise quarterback.  They force fed him the starting job with mostly, again, uneventful results.  In fourteen career starts with the Bills, Manuel is 6-8 and found himself benched last season when Buffalo convinced Kyle Orton to return from retirement in a move of pure desperation.
Tyrod Taylor began training camp as the darling of the fan base because it knew the least about him.  He's a four year veteran who has played in only 14 NFL games, none as a starter after a mostly, you guessed it, uneventful college career at Virginia Tech.
These three guys can't sneeze without someone taking notice.  Every pass in practice is securitized.  Every day produces a winner.    
The preseason begins Friday night against Carolina.  Castle is expected to get the start.  But we are far from finishing this game of quarterback roulette.  It will likely be played deep into this NFL season.    
However this turns out, the good news for the winner, if there is actually one, is that the bar is being set incredibly low.  Either Castle, Manuel or Taylor will be asked not to be terrible, and anything more than that will be considered a bonus. 

That's why the house always wins.



by Sports Naught, Yardbarker 8/3/15

The Bills could save $4.2 million if they cut Matt Cassel prior to the start of the regular season. That’s a stronger possibility than most think, especially considering head coach Rex Ryan seems to have a thing for Tyrod Taylor.


by Ben Leibowitz, Point After 7/31/15
For teams in the hunt, these guys must turn things around soon. It will be time to replace them with a substitute or a fresh face via trade if they fail to do so.