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Bill Pucko - Chief Editor

Today's Best

by Nick Scala, Charlestown Gazette 2/27/15
Lloyd was selected in the ninth round of the 1950 NBA draft by the Washington Capitals, and became the first African-American to play in an NBA game on Oct. 31, 1950, taking the court for the Capitals against the Rochester Royals. Lloyd had his best NBA season in 1955, Syracuse’s championship season, when he averaged 10.2 points during the season and 11.1 in the playoffs as the team’s starting power forward.

by Nancy Armour, USA Today 2/27/15
As Major League Baseball weighs what to do about the talented but troubled slugger amid several news media reports he has had yet another relapse, it's important to remember that Hamilton is struggling with something far bigger than baseball. He needs help, not punishment.


Home Grown

by Vic Carucci, Buffalo News 2/27/15
The Bills were very much in the hunt to land Josh McCown, a 12-year NFL veteran who was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Feb. 11. He has history with new Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman, quarterbacks coach David Lee, and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer.

by Michael Vertanin, Democrat and Chronicle 2/27/15
McQuaid Jesuit, Our Lady of Mercy and Lima Christian are among nine private and charter schools that have sued to overturn the new rule for scholastic athletics in upstate New York that would make many students ineligible to play sports for a year when they transfer to a new school without changing residency.


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Return From the Dark Side

by Bill Pucko, 2/23/15

Many success stories will be told as the Section Five winter sports season winds down. Few will be more impressive than Paul Tobin's.

Paul is a senior at Honeoye Falls-Lima High. He is a championship swimmer. At the recent Class B Section Five meet, Tobin claimed the 50 yard freestyle and swam on the Cougars winning 400 relay team. But it isn't so much what the kid accomplished that impresses, it's how far he came to do it.

"I missed the swim season last year because of health issues," said Tobin. "I've been doing a lot of work outside the pool as well as inside. It's basically me getting sober and being able to come back to the sport, work really hard and be able to come back a new person."

A year ago Tobin was out of sight, out of mind. Remanded west for treatment of an addiction problem.

"He hooked up with some kids he probably shouldn't have hooked up with and got doing some things he shouldn't have," said HFL swim coach Norm Schueckler. "His parents caught on, decided enough was enough, and sent him to the west coast for treatment. He spent six months out there, came back and he was ready to roll."

Tobin caught a couple of real breaks. His parents Patrick and Kati were pro-active enough to address the problem head on. And Schueckler proved to be the perfect role model. He had experience.

"Not a night went by when I didn't have several drinks before I went to bed," says Coach. That was 17 years ago.

Schueckler recognized the problem in himself and quit cold turkey. He's both proud and concerned for his star swimmer.

"I sat with him and said, 'I've been there.' It's really, really hard. It's always a huge success when you get past that first year. But I still worry because he's so young."

So far though, so good.

"He came back from the dark side," says Schueckler. "He's been a leader and our team loves him. They just think the world of him and he's done everything right."

As a sophomore, Tobin didn't qualify for the state swim meet in any individual events. He didn't swim competitively during his exile, but made better use of his free time, and came back ripped. Paul insisted on returning to HFL this year to right some wrongs.

"I'm sober for a year and a half and it's an honor to be here," he says now. "It's just great to be able to come back and know I've done my best, in and out of the pool."


by Daniel Jeramiah, 2/27/15
I've spent the last few months studying the 2015 NFL Draft prospects on tape, but it's always helpful to get official heights, weights and speed numbers, not to mention getting the opportunity to see these players move around live in person on the Lucas Oil Stadium field.

by Saun King, Yahoo Sports 2/26/15
Head coach John Fox wants to run the football and play great defense. Jay Cutler just doesn't fit that type of environment (or any other to be frank). The Bears have outstanding offensive skill-position personnel which will make Marcus Mariota's transition easier.



by Al Melchior, 2/17/15
I look for players who have exhibited a combination of skills over the course of several previous major and minor league seasons, but haven't shown those skills all at the same time.